Bolsena is a town located in the northern part of Lazio, in the province of Viterbo. Like Orvieto, Bolsena has Etruscan origins of which historical testimonies are still visible in the archaeological area. The bond with Orvieto, however, is not only attributable to this distant era but in the Middle Ages it becomes even stronger with the prodigious event known as the Eucharistic Miracle during which a consecrated host spilled blood and stained the flax placed on the altar. This cloth was transported to the nearby Umbrian town of Orvieto, where the Pope was then residing. Even today, the sacred linen is kept inside the cathedral of Orvieto and is led into procession on the occasion of the annual celebration of the Corpus Christi.

Although Bolsena can include in its history important events such as the Eucharistic Miracle itself, its reputation must mainly be attributed to its homonimous great lake. This large lake, one of the largest in Italy, has volcanic origin and is characterized by its regular shape and the presence of two small islands. Along its perimeter there are also beaches and creeks, refreshments and well-equipped facilities for the lovers of lake holidays.

The village of Bolsena, and in particular its oldest part, offers interesting sights including the majestic Monaldeschi Castle which houses the local museum and the modern Aquarium of the lake, the beautiful church of Santa Cristina, and – as already mentioned – the archaeological area of Volsinii Novi with remains of the Etruscan period.


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The bus excursions from Bolsena to Bagnoregio – Civita always depart from and arrive at Piazza Martiri di Nassirya. The square – very centrally located – can be easily reached by being the largest parking lot in the town of Bolsena.

Distances from the square:

  • Lake Front (Lungolago) 450 mts (5′ on foot)
  • Basilica of Santa Cristina 450 mts (5′ on foot)
  • Monaldeschi Castle (Territorial Museum – Aquarium of Bolsena) 650 mts (10′ on foot)
Bolsena - Piazza Nassirya